Month: May 2016

The many faces of Turkey

Hosgeldiniz; welcome in Turkey! The country that is literally on the point where Europe and Asia meet. From the hustling and bustling big city of Istanbul with more than 15 million inhabitants to the traditional farmer villages in the far east where time stands still. In our two weeks of Turkey we meet both sides of Turkey. And we also realise why we like to travel slow: to really experience and feel a place, you need time. And for that 1.500 kilometer – and a lot of impressions – in two weeks, was maybe a little bit too much....

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Life in a refugee camp

Up until a few kilometers before the exit on the highway, we were in doubt: should we go to the refugee camp in Idomeni – at the border between Greece and Macedonia – or not? Many pros and cons went through our minds: Can we do enough in the couple of days that we have? Can we cope with the misery that people are in? And is it safe enough to go there? But one of the most important ones was that on this journey we don’t want to follow the hype that is created by the news, and...

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