Month: July 2016

Organic Armenia

Only five days to see this beautiful country… Way too short! But we took longer in other places we really liked and due to our visa for the next countries, we have to speed up a little. How is it possible to see a country in such a short time? We decide to skip the capital Yerevan and most of the touristic highlights. Let’s drive the more unknown roads to the south in the direction of Iran, and see what we encounter on our way! Living from nature We enter Armenia from the border at Sadakhlo and our map...

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Georgia – a peculiar mix

On friday the 13th of May we are ready to enter the first country that we didn’t visit before, and we are excited! After a very easy border crossing we are in. With crossing the border there comes an end to the good road and relatively easy driving in the east part of Turkey: the roads aren’t that good and the traffic is chaotic. The cars that are driving around are faded glory European luxury cars that are sometimes almost falling apart. We see right hand drive vehicles, many cars and trucks with German or Dutch company names on...

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