Hi, we are Roderick & Marleen, and would love to take you on a Circumbendibus!

A Personal Quest

Hi, we are Roderick and Marleen. We would love to take you with us on our personal quest. We ask ourselves: “Is a simpler live – off the main track – something for us?”

We have a romantic image of living in a community: closer to nature and each other. Building the house, growing your vegetables and sharing responsibilities with a group of people. And we even think that living in those local communities might be an answer to some of our world problems. Sounds like the holy grail of living… But is that really the case?

Roderick Polak

Roderick Polak

Photographer // Socializer // Problemsolver

Roderick (1982) was schooled as a biomedical engineer and is a self made professional photographer. The last years he worked as a product manager in a Life Science Startup on a revolutionary cartilage repair technology. He is a real observer and he has a great ability to see things from different perspectives. Through his lens he knows to capture that photo that really catches the story.  He has the ability to easily connect with people. On our last journey, in every country people thought he was one of them: from Spain to Turkey and from Bulgaria to Pakistan. As our main pilot he knows how to get us safely through the most chaotic traffic and dirt roads. And if we have a problem with our trusty truck, he is the one that doesn’t stop before it is fixed.
Marleen Laverman

Marleen Laverman

Writer // Grassroots specialist // Organizer

Marleen (1981) is a communication professional and specialized herself in the relation between government and civil society. The last 10 years she worked for several government organizations and helped them to find a new position in these changing times. She really believes in the power of people and smaller communities to make a change to their direct environment and to the world. In her writings, she has the power to take people into the story, to make them feel they were there. She loves to bring structure in to chaos and knows what it takes to get from A to B. She not a dreamer, but she has the ability to chunk up big dreams into smaller pieces and by doing so, she makes them happen!
Abi - the truck

Abi - the truck

Trusty companion // Mountain goat

Because of the out of the ordinary appearance of the old army ambulance, we always get a lot of waves and smiles on the road. He got his skills from 15 years of army duty, but thrives on freedom and adventure. He is a real mountain goat: he takes it slowly but steady. And although he isn’t a 4×4: he loves to go off road.

And what about his name? Abi means older brother in Turkish and is used to show respect to people, in an informal way. We love the sound of the word and the way it is used. The perfect name for our trusty travel companion!

No Circumbendibus without


Marnix & Nina from Detour for their great help with the design, logo and more..


Daan Huttinga for the professional introduction video.




Tim & Ninka from Tinka Travel Trucks for their help in getting Abi ready for his next world tour.




Liselotte from Wrapalot for turning our bus into the “Circumbendibus”.


And of course our great friends and family for their support.

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