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Kyrgyzstan – The Tale of Manas

We have been almost three months in Kyrgyzstan all together. But we still didn’t fell in love with the country, like so many other travellers did. The nature is beautiful and mountains are everywhere: 90% of the country is above 1.500 meter. But the culture is a little rough: it is not always easy to get into contact with people. And our first bad experience while wild camping doesn’t help (link). Why does it feel so different here than in the neighbouring countries? In the typical small provincial town of Kochkor in the North of Kyrgyzstan, we meet Samat....

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Sometimes you really need a holiday, you know that feeling right? It might sound a bit weird that you need time off when you just start a big journey like we do. But after all those months of preparation, we need a little rest and some time to realize we are actually driving off on our new world adventure! We decided to find a beach in Greece to get the holiday vibe, and the island Lefkada seemed the perfect place for that.  We parked our truck and in the end we stayed 6 days on this beautiful and empty...

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