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Back on the road!

It hasn’t been an easy decision: but – after a lot of thinking – it was the feeling of curiosity to see more of this beautiful world that triggered us to make the decision: let’s ship our Abi to Japan and start exploring Asia from the east!

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Changing directions in Iran

Our last blog ended at the moment we had to make a very difficult decision: due to two obstacles on our way, we had to drastically change our initial travel route: a very difficult decision we had to make in in four days. Is there a way to continue Eastwards or do we have to go back to Europe? In the end it occupied our minds for three weeks! But in the meantime we had a good time in Iran. Curious which direction we took? Read our story. Finding our way The days after the moment we found out...

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Best of Both Worlds

Choosing a route for your overland adventure… How do you do that? This one trip where you are saving money for, for several years… For which you decided not to buy a house or a car or a lot of other stuff. Do you feel the pressure?

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