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Life in a refugee camp

Up until a few kilometers before the exit on the highway, we were in doubt: should we go to the refugee camp in Idomeni – at the border between Greece and Macedonia – or not? Many pros and cons went through our minds: Can we do enough in the couple of days that we have? Can we cope with the misery that people are in? And is it safe enough to go there? But one of the most important ones was that on this journey we don’t want to follow the hype that is created by the news, and...

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Sometimes you really need a holiday, you know that feeling right? It might sound a bit weird that you need time off when you just start a big journey like we do. But after all those months of preparation, we need a little rest and some time to realize we are actually driving off on our new world adventure! We decided to find a beach in Greece to get the holiday vibe, and the island Lefkada seemed the perfect place for that.  We parked our truck and in the end we stayed 6 days on this beautiful and empty...

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Partir c’est mourir un peu – as the French would say. And the last weeks I have the feeling I understand the meaning of this expression more and more. When going on a journey like this, it is a lot about leaving behind. I finalized my work as a self employed communication specialist and made sure that it was in good hands of my collegues. After more than four successfull years, in which I built up my own company, it is a scary feeling to leave it all behind – almost like giving up a part of your identity....

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Find your own compass

What does travelling bring you? For sure it at adds a lot of valuable experience to your life. There is no better way to build your own image of this world! But by going in different directions, you also find your own direction!

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Best of Both Worlds

Choosing a route for your overland adventure… How do you do that? This one trip where you are saving money for, for several years… For which you decided not to buy a house or a car or a lot of other stuff. Do you feel the pressure?

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