Freedom and the other side of the coin

by Nov 6, 2018Overland, Reflections, Route, Stories

One of the main reasons why we love our #vanlife is the freedom we have and the incredible diversity it brings to our lives. We can make the decision where we want to go, where we will sleep this night. Every day is different. One day we are struggling in the mud to fix our bus, the other day we feast on an oil-lamp lit dinner with a shepherd and the next day we are having a video call with an important client. No mortgage, few appointments to worry about. But on the other hand – and this might sound stupid – this total freedom is also our biggest challenge. Why? Because every decision we make is our own choice. We are responsible for our own happiness. No boss to complain about. We can choose whatever we want to do!⠀

But, what do we really want? Both of us are passionate doubters ;-) : we are good at seeing things from different perspectives, but making a bold decision is not our thing. At the moment we are on a crossroad of our trip and we are thinking a lot about all those decisions. Sometimes it is as small as choosing to go left or right. But mostly we are overthinking the bigger questions in life: do we make the right choices?⠀

Are we doing the right thing to travel for this long? Are we up for another big adventure with all its ups and downs and explore more of this world? How about our future: shouldn’t we settle somehow? What about children? And, how will we be able to get an income in the future after being so long away from home?⠀

It worries us, but we know that after a good night of sleep, waking up at another beautiful spot in nature, meeting other cultures and interesting people: we are very happy and fortunate with the way we live! That we have the opportunity to see the world and dared to make the step to travel and live this life. We feel the trust again that when every small step that we take feels good, we are on the right path. And that – for now at least – we are happy to continue to do so!

Maybe we are not alone in these struggles over life choices. How is it for you? And what helps you to overcome them?⠀