Winter Wonderland of Shiretoko National Park

by Apr 10, 2019Blogs, Japan, Stories

We headed into one of the wildest areas of Japans Northern Island, Shiretoko. This “end of the world” peninsula is covered by a blanket of snow, surrounded by Siberian drift ice and is among the highest bear density places in the world. We are eager to explore it, we take our snowshoes, pack our gear and head out.

With our snowshoes we are able to hike to a rustic hut on a mountain pass. On our way we see how the snow and arctic wind made beautiful sculptures out of ordinary things. All of a sudden the hut appears, covered in meters of snow. We have to dig to be able to open the door. Inside it is rustic, but how nice to have a shelter for the night, make a fire to prepare our food. To have drinking water, we melt the fresh snow.

A great experience to be all alone on this remote and beautiful winter wonder land!

Hope you get a touch of our experience when looking through the photos.