From City Life to Organic Farm

by Jul 10, 2018Communities, Europe, Off the grid, Reflections, Stories, Techniques, Videos0 comments

With the Circumbendibus project we are looking for “the holy grail of living” and we like to share this quest with you. We think that for us two important ingredients are to live closer to each other and more back to basic. On this journey we visit all kinds of people that either choose to live this way or have been living this way all their lives. Before we’ve shared their stories with you by text and photos, this time we will try it with a video!

We’ve visited Tyanne and Jean-Mi in Bretagne, France. A couple who moved to this corner of Europe to start a live. In this video they share their story with you. How they made the decision to change from city life to a life closer to nature, and took the steps to make it happen. We hope you like it, find it interesting or even inspires you to take a step!

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Possible not all your questions have been answered in this short video, and Tyanne and Jean-Mi told me that they will try to answer the questions you still have. So shoot away in the comments!