Back on the road!

by Jan 21, 2019Blogs, Japan, Route, Stories, Videos

The last few months we touched base in The Netherlands. What did we do? First of all we wanted to feel what our next step would be: starting a new journey in our trusty bus or.. was it time for something else? Maybe – after already 2,5 years of living a nomadic life – it was time to settle? It hasn’t been an easy decision: but – after a lot of thinking – it was the feeling of curiosity to see more of this beautiful world that triggered us to make the decision: let’s ship our Abi to Japan and start exploring Asia from the east!

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Our months in The Netherlands were really busy and not always easy. We had to get our bus ready for the next big trip, and we encountered quite some technical challenges. We had to find our way on how to ship our bus to the other side of the world. We visited our beloved family and friends, and even had the chance to celebrate Christmas together! And on top of that: we further developed our business as visual storytellers for NGOs.

On the 20th of January we had a very special moment: we were reunited with our bus in the port of Yokohama. Ready to start our adventure in Japan! What is our plan? Since we travel overland and we like to be open to opportunities we come across, things might change. But for now the idea is to take our time to explore the snowy Japan, than take a ferry to the lush mountains of South Korea into the vast landscapes of Siberia. After that we will experience the nomadic culture of Mongolia, from there on we probably cross China to explore the tropical Southeast of Asia and from there on we want to get to know the unknown Northeast of India with its many traditional tribes, up into the start of the Himalaya in Nepal. Wow, we almost can’t believe that this might all be ahead of us! Let’s see what the future brings, step by step. For now: let’s enjoy Japan!

Here is a video on how we got Abi back in the port of Yokohama: