by Apr 30, 2016Blogs, Europe, Greece, Photos

Sometimes you really need a holiday, you know that feeling right? It might sound a bit weird that you need time off when you just start a big journey like we do. But after all those months of preparation, we need a little rest and some time to realize we are actually driving off on our new world adventure!

We decided to find a beach in Greece to get the holiday vibe, and the island Lefkada seemed the perfect place for that.  We parked our truck and in the end we stayed 6 days on this beautiful and empty beach with clear blue water. It took some time to get the stress levels down and just enjoy. The first days we were still busy all day. It must have been a strange show for the few people on the beach: Roderick pulled on is overall and used the jack to do some work on the rear wheels, I was sitting outside with my tablet and working on the first blog, and the next day we were in the truck all day, trying to fix some last administrative things through a very weak internet connection. It was frustrating; is this why we went on this world tour? To work behind a computer and do maintenance all day? But a dive in the blue water every once in a while made us realize: this isn’t the worst place to work!

And after a few days we came down, had a cocktail in a nearby village and celebrated my birthday with a barbecue on the beach. This is holiday! We feel ready to hit the road again, up for new adventures.

Ps. the videos aren’t working directly at the moment, for them to play you can click on the black bar at the top of the video. I hope I can get this working normally in the future.

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