Month: April 2016


Sometimes you really need a holiday, you know that feeling right? It might sound a bit weird that you need time off when you just start a big journey like we do. But after all those months of preparation, we need a little rest and some time to realize we are actually driving off on our new world adventure! We decided to find a beach in Greece to get the holiday vibe, and the island Lefkada seemed the perfect place for that.  We parked our truck and in the end we stayed 6 days on this beautiful and empty...

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The simple life in Greece

After one week on the road and a lot of driving, we are in Greece: the perfect place to have a little holiday and relax after the hectic preparations months and settle in the travel mode. Our first stop is Ioannina: a lively town in the north east, situated at a big lake. On our last trip, this was the place that we really liked: it felt so different, but at the same time it was like coming home. We met a really great group of people and became friends. And now it is time to meet them again!...

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Partir c’est mourir un peu – as the French would say. And the last weeks I have the feeling I understand the meaning of this expression more and more. When going on a journey like this, it is a lot about leaving behind. I finalized my work as a self employed communication specialist and made sure that it was in good hands of my collegues. After more than four successfull years, in which I built up my own company, it is a scary feeling to leave it all behind – almost like giving up a part of your identity....

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